Delivering All-inclusive

Design Services- Nationwide

At Mcgarity Consulting Group, we create and simplify the learning process for organizations. We deliver instructional design services for corporate organizations, allowing them to  better train their companies and employees.

Our Services

  • Instructional design

  • Learning content conversion

  • Course module creation

  • Content analysis

  • Learning strategy

  • Content digitization

Mcgarity Consulting Group
Mcgarity Consulting Group

Benefits We Provide

  • Content that delivers intended results

  • Hassle-free content creation

  • Quick content conversion

  • Lower cost of training

  • Increase ability to scale for growth on demand

  • Improve the quality of knowledge transfer

  • Increase learner engagement and knowledge

  • Heightened employee satisfaction and performance

World-Class Training Programs

We provide a personalized approach to our clients. Our training helps employees gain increased job satisfaction.

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Mcgarity Consulting Group

Course Development

We fully customize each program to the customer’s specific needs. We can build or rebuild both new and existing courses.



These short snippets of training are both effective and impactful for a wide-range of topics.



Properly designed assessments are an integral part of the learning process that adds significant value to highly-effective training programs.



Games are a fun, interactive way to enhance learning.


Experiential Learning

Our designers are experts in building blended programs which have been proven useful when teaching a difficult concept.


Personalized Learning

We understand each learner is unique and every organization requires different techniques, so we pride ourselves on developing highly-effective, customized learning paths for specific needs.