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We create extraordinary learning experiences that shape the world's most productive workforces.


Our elite Instructional Designers will collaborate with you to create results-driven learning solutions that support your business goals.



We leverage the latest technologies to create training programs that are comprehensive, engaging and interactive, increasing learning retention and overall course satisfaction.

Instructional Design

Learning Content Conversion

Course Module Creation

Learning Strategy & Planning

Content Analysis

Software Training

Content Digitization





Are you looking to hire qualified short-term and long-term professionals to meet your project needs and increase your internal capabilities? Don't lose valuable time with a limited search network.

Find the best candidates for your eLearning projects

At McGarity Consulting Group, we understand the importance of hiring right the first time. We have the knowledge and expertise to assist you with your search so that you can hire with confidence.

Tailored Hiring

We serve as your consultative partner, considering your company's specific performance needs and identifying candidates that are the right fit for the job. There is no one-size-fits-all candidate, which is why we hire each professional specifically for you.

Expert Designers Hire Expert Designers

As a learning and development industry leader, we have keen insight into the specific technical skills to look for in the most qualified candidates. We will use that knowledge to help you source your ideal candidates that will help build your company's future.

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Enhance Your Training Experience


Professional Narration

Engage auditory learners with a professionally narrated script



Games are a fun and interactive way to enhance the learning experience and drive home key takeaways


Video Production

We provide video editing, video creation, animated videos and explainer videos services



Animation is an effective microlearning tool, allowing you to teach a wide range of topics in a concise format


Software Demo

Show your prospect how your product or service meets their specific needs with a well-structured sales demo that will help you to close more deals


Assessment Tools

Support active learning by measuring performance and providing feedback